March 13 2022 Dea. Robert Hiebert

Todays message by Dea. Robert Hiebert

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March 6, 2022 Rev. Herb Unrau

Today’s message brought to you by Pastor Herb Unrau from the Steinbach church.

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February 27, 2022 Rev. Lorin Elias

Today’s speaker is Pastor Lorin Elias of the Reinland congregation.

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February 20, 2022

Sunday services for February 20 were cancelled due to inclement weather, therefore no recording available for this week. If you cannot attend in person this coming Sunday; then please select any of the archived messages from the the previous 7+ years. Have a blessed weekend!

February 13, 2022 Rev. Martin Unrau

Today’s sermon is by Pastor Martin Unrau from  the Macgregor congregation. The audio message includes the congregational singing. Unfortunately the sound level during singing in the video message was too low and has been edited out. Sorry!

MP3 audio file can downloaded from this LINK



February 6, 2022 Rev. Cal Hiebert

Message by Pastor Cal Hiebert of the New Bothwell congregation.

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