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January 2021 Messages

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Januaru 31 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

January 31 Rev. Martin Unrau

January 31 Rev. Jay Wiebe – Audio Only

January 31 Rev. Jay Wiebe – Video

January 24 Rev. Cornie Sawatzky

January 24 Dea. Jonathan Friesen

January 17 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

January 17 Rev. Larry Kehler

January 17 Rev. Jay Wiebe

January 10 Rev. Lorin Elias

January 10 Rev. Martin Unrau

January 10 Dea. Robert Hiebert

January 6 Rev. Jay Wiebe

January 6 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

January 6 Rev. Cornie Sawatzky

January 3 Rev. Jay Wiebe

January 3 Rev. Lorin Elias

January 3 Rev. Larry Kehler

January 1 Rev. Jay Wiebe

January 1 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

January 1 Dea. Peter Friesen

December 2020 Messages

December 27 Rev. Jay Wiebe

December 27 Rev Lorin Elias

December 27 Rev. Martin Unrau

December 26 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

December 26 Rev. Larry Kehler

December 25 Rev. Jay Wiebe

December 25 Rev. Lorin Elias

December 25 Rev. Cornie Sawatzky

December 20 Rev. Jay Wiebe

December 20 Rev. Larry Kehler

December 20 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

December 13 Rev. Martin Unrau

December 13 Rev. Jay Wiebe

December 13 Rev. Lorin Elias

December 6 Rev. Jay Wiebe

December 6 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

December 6 Rev. Cornie Sawatzky

November 2020 Messages

November 29 Rev. Larry Kehler

November 29 Rev. Jay Wiebe

November 29 Rev. Lorin Elias

November 22 Rev. Martin Unrau

November 22 Rev. Ron Gerbrandt

November 22 Rev.Jay WIebe

November 15 Rev. Lorin Elias

November 15 Rev. Cornie Sawatzky

November 15 Rev. Jay Wiebe

November 8 Rev. Jay Wiebe

November 1 Rev. Jay Wiebe


October 2020 Messages

October 25 Rev, John Elias

October 11 Rev. Bill Nickel

October 4 Rev. Herb Unrau


September 2020 Messages

September 27 Rev. J. F. Klassen

September 13 Rev. Henry Reimer

September 6 Rev. Abe Fehr


August 2020 Messages

August 30 Rev. Terry Toews

August 23 Rev. Martin Unrau

August 16 Rev. Jeff Hildebrand

August 9 Rev. Dale Unger

August 2 Rev. Peter Berg


July 2020 Messages

July 26 Rev. Jay Wiebe

July 19 Rev. Jay Wiebe

July 12 Rev. Cal Hiebert

July 5 Dea. Jonathan Friesen


June 2020 Messages

June 28 Rev. Jay Wiebe

June 21 Rev. Jay Wiebe


COVID – 19 Live Services Suspended




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