New Outreach Ministry For Broken And Hurting Children

Check out this new ministry that our church is supporting!

Special collection on Sunday, May 15 will be to support this outreach.

May 1 2022 Morden Sommerfeld Sunday School Easter Program

The Cross and the Empty Tomb | Our Daily Bread Ministries

Easter program download as mp3 available HERE

Follow Me And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men" – In God's Image

Prelude by Rochelle Thiessen, Dayne Friesen, and Aaron Reimer
Walk-in instrumental
*Song – How deep the Father’s Love for us
Opening – Pete Banman
Class 7 – Jesus in the Mount of Olives
*Song – Just as I am
Class 10 – Jesus in Pilate’s Hall
*Song – The Three Nails with narrative by Angela Reimer
Class 3 – Jesus Dies on the Cross
College and Careers song – Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone
Class 8 – Joseph, the Body of Jesus and the Soldiers
*Song – Bigger than any Mountain
*Congregational song – The Old, Rugged Cross
Class 2 – Jesus’s Body is Gone
*Song – I have Decided to Follow Jesus
Class 5 – Jesus is risen
*Song – Alive, alive
Class 11 – Jesus talks to Mary and the Disciples
*Song – What a Friend/In my father’s house
Class 1 – Jesus’s Instruction
*Song – Fishers of Men with actions
Class 12 – Jesus’s Commandments
Youth song – Hallelujah for the Cross
*Song – Let me Tell you About Jesus
Closing –Deacon Jonathan Friesen
*Walk-out Congregational song – Lily of the Valley