May 1 2022 Morden Sommerfeld Sunday School Easter Program

The Cross and the Empty Tomb | Our Daily Bread Ministries

Easter program download as mp3 available HERE

Follow Me And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men" – In God's Image

Prelude by Rochelle Thiessen, Dayne Friesen, and Aaron Reimer
Walk-in instrumental
*Song – How deep the Father’s Love for us
Opening – Pete Banman
Class 7 – Jesus in the Mount of Olives
*Song – Just as I am
Class 10 – Jesus in Pilate’s Hall
*Song – The Three Nails with narrative by Angela Reimer
Class 3 – Jesus Dies on the Cross
College and Careers song – Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone
Class 8 – Joseph, the Body of Jesus and the Soldiers
*Song – Bigger than any Mountain
*Congregational song – The Old, Rugged Cross
Class 2 – Jesus’s Body is Gone
*Song – I have Decided to Follow Jesus
Class 5 – Jesus is risen
*Song – Alive, alive
Class 11 – Jesus talks to Mary and the Disciples
*Song – What a Friend/In my father’s house
Class 1 – Jesus’s Instruction
*Song – Fishers of Men with actions
Class 12 – Jesus’s Commandments
Youth song – Hallelujah for the Cross
*Song – Let me Tell you About Jesus
Closing –Deacon Jonathan Friesen
*Walk-out Congregational song – Lily of the Valley

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