Sommerfeld Mennonite Church Inc.

Box 2559 Winkler MB R6W 4C3


Dear Church Members,

Starting May 13, 2020, you will be able to make general membership donations via online banking, through most of the local Credit Unions. You will first need to create a “Payee Account” before using this donation method.  Please call Deacon Abe Elias at 204-325-9585 or Deacon Pete Froese at 204-362-0299 prior to account setup in order to verify information, and for any questions you may have.

We prefer that you use the last 8 digits of your 10 digit phone number to identify your account.

For example: if your phone number is 204-325-9655 your account number would then be 43259655

You may also mail in your donations to the address above.


For any questions contact your Finance Committee

Deacon Peter Froese                               204-362-0299

Deacon Brian Penner                               204-362-6063

Deacon Abe Elias                                     204-325-9585

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