February 21, 2021

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Our loving God has once again granted us a new day – let us rejoice in it! Today we have prerecorded messages for the Sunday School and morning worship service from our congregation here in Morden. Deacon Jonathan & Mrs. Karen Friesen, together with their family are serving us today with God’s Word, music and lesson.

For those who requested the ability to download messages from this blog, you should now be able to do so. Below the audio player messages there is a link to the MP3 file which can be saved to your computer or device. The video files can also be downloaded and saved by briefly allowing the video to start playing, then “right click” anywhere in the video window and select “Save video as…”.

All video and audio files are now hosted on this site only. They are not links to external hosting sites such as YouTube or Vimeo for example. You will not see advertisements or “you might also like” suggestions when playing these files. We did very briefly publish to a YouTube channel to minimize web hosting costs, but this has subsequently been removed.

Please remember that the video files are large and will consume a substantial amount of data. For anyone with a limited data cap, the “Audio Only” messages are probably a better option.


The MacGregor message was recorded during a live service on Saturday evening.


***REINLAND*** The Reinland Church now has their own website! Their messages can now be found at the following site:  www.reinlandsommerfeld.com


Today’s Messages

MacGregor / Pastor Martin Unrau MP3 file available HERE


Morden / Deacon Jonathan Friesen (Audio Only)MP3 file available HERE



Morden Sunday School / Mrs. Karen Friesen and family (Audio Only)MP3 file available HERE





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