January 31, 2021

Psalms 51:10 Inspirational Image

Welcome to our messages for this last day of January. Today we have messages from three churches once again. Pastor Ron Gerbrandt from Reinland, Pastor Martin Unrau from MacGregor, and Pastor Jay Wiebe from Morden.

Please note that the Morden service has two separate files, one is audio only, the same as always. The file below it is a video recording. Please be aware that if you have limited internet bandwidth, or watching on a cellular device with a data cap, this will consume a much larger amount of data.

We want to apologize for the quality of the recording, as it was our first attempt  at producing video for our services, and we had multiple “technical issues”. We will do our utmost to improve as we go forward. Thanks to Bob for handling the recording duties and also to the Reimer family for stepping up to serve. I think we all felt a little outside of our comfort zone during the Friday evening session. Someone has said “A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step”. So the journey has begun and we’re looking forward to adventure ahead! May God bless as you serve!

Pastor Jay

Reminder: If you, or someone you know has question about baptism classes, then please connect with the local ministerial ASAP

Reinland / Rev.Ron Gerbrandt

MacGregor / Rev. Martin Unrau

Morden / Rev. Jay Wiebe Audio Message

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