December 27, 2020

Genesis 28:15 Inspirational Image

Welcome all visitors! We have once more reached the closing of another year, and all by the grace of our awesome God. May the Lord use these messages presented here today as a means to uplift His people, or to draw the hurting seeker to Himself!

MacGregor / Pastor Martin Unrau

Reinland / Pastor Lorin Elias

Morden / Pastor Jay Wiebe with Morden congregation musicians

One Comment on “December 27, 2020

  1. We want to thank all the pastors for taking the time to bring the messages through out this difficult time, may God bless you for it, even though we don’t post a thank you each Sunday, we want you to know that we are grateful for each and every message you bring. May you all have a blessed New Year.
    Henry & Barb

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