December 20, 2020 Sermons

A hearty “Good Morning and Merry Christmas” to everyone visiting our site today!

We are hosting sermons from three of the Sommerfeld Churches today, just like we have for the last number of weeks. It is a privilege to bring these messages to you the listener in this manner. Our prayer is that the ministry is helping you fill the void of not meeting in person, or at least to some degree, is keeping us connected as Christ’s body.

Just a heads up for the coming week: The plan is to post Christmas day sermons on December 25, and the MacGregor Church has recorded a Christmas program in 17 individual sections that will be posted here on the evening of December 23, provided we can manage to get all of our technology “ducklings” to line up nicely in a row! A lot of this is uncharted territory, so thanks to all you “thinking outside the box” folks out there who are making the best of the situation we are in! Have a good Sunday!

Reinland / Pastor Ron Gerbrandt

MacGregor / Pastor Larry Kehler

Morden / Pastor Jay Wiebe

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